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Scott Bruce


If you frequent your local comedy club you may have caught stand up standout Scott Bruce. It’s hard to find a venue that has not taken advantage of his many and varied talents. You may catch him on a cruise ship, at a nightclub in Las Vegas, or a Moose Lodge in rural Pennsylvania. The one thing you are guaranteed is a good time and a lot of laughs. His quick wit, adlibbing ability, and natural timing make not just a great comic, but also one of the most sought after MC’s working today.

So many factors come together in Scott’s background that have combined to create this unique performer. For example, he’s a published author. Not one, not two, but three books are available on store shelves right now. Scott hosted the EMMY award winning PBS television show “The Pennsylvania Game”. In between traveling the country, telling jokes, and writing books, he managed to start and run a successful business. It should come as no surprise that the business is a small chain of comedy clubs called Wise Crackers.

This is a tremendous asset for a performer. When Scott works for you, he understands the business angle from your perspective. When comics work for Scott they know that the boss understands the challenges that face the performer.

Scott still finds time to paint, play with computers, create game shows, produce comedy shows for television, write, raise a family and constantly work on his incredibly mediocre golf game. So if you see his name coming to a city near you, get your tickets early. You don’t want to miss Scott Bruce.

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